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Fill-in-the-blank marketing templates, (your content is written and working for you in minutes) and easy to understand marketing courses, presentations and tips designed for estate and letting agents. 

Here's what you'll get and more...

Templates you can personalise in minutes

Every estate and letting agency needs the same basic marketing content in order to grow. But we all know, writing content from scratch can be time consuming, and not everyone is born a natural writer. We offer content templates you can personalise as your own:

  • Vendor email nurturing sequence
  • Landlord email nurturing sequence
  • New Build buyers email nurturing sequence
  • Blog articles
  • Google AdWords ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Social media posts

Execution plans, guides, Q& A sessions, tips & advice

Estate agents are now expected to know a lot more about digital marketing. So we provide up to date, short and easy to follow training courses, Q&A sessions, blogs and presentations you will instantly find useful.  Plus, for those that need help, we offer a done-for-you service. 

  • Marketing execution plans
  • Office hours
  • Marketing blogs
  • Question and answer recordings
  • Special deals from industry suppliers
  • Estate and letting agents Facebook community group access

Available to purchase right now:


Marketing Templates

You Can Personalise In Minutes:

Ready To Use Email Sequences

Email template sequence for estate agents

Vendor Nurturing
Follow-Up Sequence

​26 week nurturing sequence aimed to progress a prospecting vendor into an instruction. You can personalise this sequence in minutes and load it to your email automation tool. 

Email template sequence for letting agents

Landlord Nurturing Follow-Up Sequence

This is a 52 week nurturing sequence, helping you progress any landlord from a prospect to a client. Fill in the blacks, make it your own, add to your email tool and you are set to go. 

Email template sequence BUNDLE

Landlord + Vendor Email Sequence (BUNDLE) £120+VAT

Get the 52 week landlord follow up sequence as well as a 26 week vendor sequence for a reduced fee. Grow your audience and conversions with this easy to personalise sequence. 

Ready To Use Blog Articles

blog articles

12 blog article templates you can personalise in minutes. Your whole year's worth of blogs done just like that!

blog articles

12 blog article templates aimed at landlords, you can personalise in minutes. Make this your own in minutes.

blog articles

12 blog article templates aimed at buyers. Promote your area and attract more buyers enquiries via your blog.

blog articles

6 blog article templates aimed at tenants. Attract more applicants via your blog. Personalise those articles in minutes.

blog articles

12 blog article templates aimed at property investors. Make them your own and start attracting more enquiries.

55 blog articles (BUNDLE)

Get all blog article templates for one discounted fee. 12 vendor, 12 landlord, 12 buyer, 6 tenant and 12 investor focused articles to personalise.

Ready To Use Execution Plans

The Customer Value Journey Execution Plan: £7 inc VAT

The 8-Step Roadmap That Predictably Transforms Ice-Cold Prospects Into Buyers And Promoters Of Your Business

The Content Engine Execution Plan: £95+VAT

A Duplicable System to Quickly Crank Out Share-Worthy, Clickable Blog Content That Gets You Traffic and Converts That Traffic into Sales

Facebook Ads and banners

Facebook Ad Templates Banners & Video 

40 Facebook ad templates you can personalise PLUS our ad formulas, ready to use banners and how-to video.

Just £525+VAT

​Get all our content templates (blogs, emails, check lists and formulas), access all our video training, execution plans​, Q&A sessions and special deals for a one-off annual fee. 

Who is this for?

Owners and Managers of estate and letting agencies

Running a business is hard enough; running your entire marketing operation is a skill on its own. No need to re-invent the wheel, copy and personalise our ready to use templates.

Freelance marketers in the property sector
Working for yourself requires a lot of discipline. We can help you stay up-to-date with the latest techniques for marketing in property, so at least your training is easily covered. 

Marketing Managers, Coordinators and Executives in Property
Grow in your career, improve your knowledge and deliver better results for your employer.

With better performance comes better recognition.

Frequently asked questions

How quickly will I get the templates?

​Who is behind the Lonely Marketer? How can I trust those templates are really useful for my agency?

​​Can you personalise any of the templates for my agency?

​​​​How ​can I pay for the templates? Is it secure?

​30 day ​Money Back Guarantee

To prove our confidence in the products we provide and their value to you, we are offering a 30-day,

money-back guarantee ​for anyone on our Business membership plan.
All you need do, is send us an email within 30 days from the purchase date and we will refund you the full amount. 

You don’t have to tell us why you want a refund, but we’ll be grateful if you would let us know, as it will help us to understand your needs and expectations and those of future customers.

We always strive to create a company based on client satisfaction and long-term relationships. The money-back guarantee is only a small part of the measures we take to ensure our clients receive excellent service from an honest company in a risk-free environment.