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Vendor-focused blog articles


Save yourself both the time and money by purchasing those vendor-focused blog articles you can personalise in an hour.

12 blog article templates you can personalise in minutes. Your whole year’s worth of blogs done just like that!

What’s The Offer?

According to TV presenter and property expert Phil Spencer, most consumers are confused and ill-informed about property transactions – but estate agents are best-placed to change that.

Writing in Estate Agent Today, he said: “The modern consumer is certainly more information and resource-led than ever before. By providing clients with the advice and information they require, you can keep your brand ‘front of mind’ and increase your chances of becoming someone’s go-to property expert for life.”

Starting a blog is one of the best ways we can think of to fill that knowledge gap – at the same time as generating leads for your estate agency and making conversions happen.

But writing blogs can take time and cost you a lot of money. Save yourself both the time and money by purchasing those buyer-focused blog articles you can personalise in an hour.


  1. 5 tips to make your {LOCATION} property attractive to prospective buyers or tenants
  2. Struggling to sell your property in {LOCATION}? Here’s what you might be getting wrong
  3. 4 signs you’re ready to downsize
  4. When to sell off your buy-to-let property portfolio in {LOCATION}
  5. How long does it take to sell a house in {LOCATION}?
  6. Adding value to your property in {LOCATION} is as simple as EPC
  7. 6 Ways to Make your House Look Great without Spending a Thing
  8. 6 Questions to Consider Before Putting Your House Up for Sale
  9. 7 tips for achieving the best-selling price for buy-to-let properties in {LOCATION}
  10. 6 costs to consider when selling your home
  11. Which garden features add value to a property in {LOCATION}?
  12. Redecorating tips to help sell your home in {LOCATION}


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