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[Training] The Customer Value Journey Plan


The 8-Step Roadmap That Predictably Transforms Ice-Cold Prospects Into Buyers And Promoters Of Your Business

The Customer Value Journey Execution Plan

The 8-Step Roadmap That Predictably Transforms Ice-Cold Prospects Into Buyers And Promoters Of Your Business

What is the ‘Customer Value Journey Execution Plan’?

ipad imageA Strategic Road map Of Your Business
Most business owners and marketers know lots of tactics, but they lack an effective strategy. In other words they know how to perform various marketing activities…but they don’t know why or when to use each tactic successfully in the context of an all-inclusive, professionally designed marketing plan. This Execution Plan (EP) will finally give you the big-picture roadmap of your business you’ve been missing.

A Campaign Blueprint That Will Coordinate All Your Marketing Efforts
When you finish this training, you’ll know how to create a sequence of campaigns that fit together to achieve an overarching marketing strategy that generates the awareness, engagement, and excitement your business needs in order to grow. You’ll also learn how to identify the weak spots in your company’s marketing, so you can focus on fixing the areas with the most room for improvement first.

A Predictable & Repeatable Way to Get New Customers And Promoters
This is not a “magic bullet” that promises overnight success (in fact, those don’t exist). Instead, get a system you can use to repeatedly transform people who have never heard of you before into paying clients and even promoters who refer their friends and family to your business.


Want to know more about what you will learn?

A Strategic Roadmap of Your Business

  • Get the big-picture roadmap you need to create a unified and cohesive marketing strategy that works for business in the property sector (even brick-and-mortar companies with no digital footprint)
  • Learn the 2 critical questions you must ask about your business
  • Gain the foundational knowledge you need to intentionally and predictably transform cold prospects into excited new leads, paying clients (be that vendors, landlords, buyers, tenants, investors, etc), and even promoters of your business
  • The #1 most common campaign mistake you need to AVOID in your marketing (hint: this is something you intuitively know to do when flirting or asking someone on a date

The Before & After Grid

  • Find out what people REALLY want when they buy from you (hint: it’s not a product, a service, a feature, or even a benefit…)
  • The 5 “states” you need to define for each of your customer segments to uncover the true value of your product or service
  • Discover how to capitalize on your prospects’ desire for transformation in order to create messaging that speaks to their deepest wants and needs
  • Learn how to use before and after states to create more compelling images, videos, and copy that will give your offer a powerful emotional appeal

Customer Journey Campaign Blueprint

  • Learn the 2 things that every marketing campaign MUST have
  • Get access to the exact same process we go through at Art Division to define our campaign parameters so that every marketing campaign is set up for success
  • The big campaign mistake that most newbie marketers make (and why you need multiple campaigns to effectively move prospects through each stage of your marketing funnel)
  • How to leverage a famous zoologist’s insights into human relationships to design marketing materials that make your prospects feel comfortable throughout their experience with your company

Case Studies & Examples

  • Get access to case studies and example marketing campaigns executed by companies including The Negotiator, Purplebricks and more.
  • Discover the one thing your campaigns are MISSING that all but ensures failure (hint: this is the very first thing we look at when creating a new campaign here at Art Division)
  • How to successfully leverage offline assets like direct mail, TV, and radio as effective components of your digital marketing campaigns
  • Get a step-by-step walkthrough of how a successful marketing campaign is designed from the ground up (this material isn’t sexy, but it’s ESSENTIAL if you want to create campaigns like the pros)


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