Foundational Digital Marketing Training for business owners and marketers in the Property Sector...

Access all our exclusive training plans, industry insights, tips and advice brought to you by the award-winning digital marketing agency Art Division... PLUS 

11 of DigitalMarketer’s acclaimed marketing certification and mastery courses.

Here's what you'll get and more...

Business Owners & Managers

Our business plan is ideal for business owners or marketing managers in the property sector. It provides the foundational knowledge every business manager or owner should have in order to plan a successful marketing campaign and manage a marketing team – be that internal or external.

  • Up-to-date industry-specific marketing training, tips and advice
  • Monthly “What’s Working Now” live webinars or sessions
  • Special “LM Deals” on selected services/products
  • Monthly Q&A sessions by some of the best industry experts
  • Access to our private, members-only community
  • Useful marketing downloads and templates


Our Business+ plan provides the foundational training to a business owner AND an in-depth training any marketer requires to run a successful campaign. This 2 in 1 package empowers business owners to take strategic marketing decisions while giving their marketing staff the necessary training on how to execute campaigns successfully.

  • Access to all our marketing playbooks
  • Access to our 11 core marketing certifications and all future updates
  • Badges and certifications for all completed trainings
  • Access to our private, members-only community
  • Access to marketing execution plans

Be a better marketer

As a business member you will benefit from:

Execution Plans

Our comprehensive execution plans provided by Art Division’s team of marketers as well as carefully selected guest experts makes it easy to finish projects quickly. Because we don’t just teach you the theory of marketing… we show you, step-by-step, how to get stuff DONE. Think of these as business ‘checklists on steroids’.

Monthly Office Hour Sessions

​We are constantly seeking new and innovative strategies in Digital Marketing. ‘What’s Working Now’ Office Hour is our monthly ​​webinar session ​hosted either by a member of Art Division's team or a guest presenter, addressing a specific marketing tactic, tool and platform reviews, landing page critiques, and more.

Monthly ​Q&A Sessions

Each month we host ​a ​Q&A session where we go through specific questions you can submit to us in advance. If we can’t answer your questions, we will find someone who can. From website assessments to PPC analysis, SEO questions or any other marketing related topic, we cover it all.

Members-Only Deals

Your membership entitles you to exclusive deals and discounts on some of the hottest marketing tools and services in the industry. This one-member benefit alone should pay for itself in the first 30 days.

Useful Downloads and Checklists

With so many campaigns you can run or tools to choose from in the digital marketing arena, it can be quite challenging to keep your marketing strategy organised.

So to make it easier, we have compiled the most useful checklists and questionnaires you will need when planning any campaign going forward.

Private Members-Only Community

Ask questions, network and exchange ideas with other smart, generous digital marketers and business owners who have been, or are in, your shoes. Running a business and being in charge of the marketing campaigns in a property firm means you are likely surrounded by people that don’t get marketing. Being part of our community will mean you are always supported and you’re sure to find someone who ‘gets you’.

Be a better marketer

As a Business+ member, you and your team will be trained and certified as a...

How does it all work...

Take the courses

Choose from any one of the 11 courses to begin your training. If you’re not sure which course to start with, we recommend the Conversion Funnels Mastery Class & Certification, as it provides a solid foundation to build upon.

Our courses average about 8 hours of video content in length, and they come with all relevant downloadable handouts, as well as module-specific quizzes and one final exam.

The course levels are intermediate/advanced, and are the exact same trainings that new employees at Art Division and DigitalMarketer are required to complete prior to obtaining a position in any of our portfolio companies.

Take the courses

Pass the tests

For each marketing course, at the end of each core module, you will take a brief quiz to ensure that you understand the basic concepts covered in that module. Once you have completed each quiz for each module, you will then be able to sit for the final specialisation exam (which is taken online). On successful completion, you will have earned your certification for that discipline.

Our exams aren’t tricky, but they do require that you know the information if you want to pass. The passing grade is 70%, and you can retake the test twice (for a maximum total of 3 attempts). If you do not receive a passing grade after your third attempt, you will be required to go back through the module prior to taking the test again.

The exams consist of 60 multiple-choice and true/false questions. Allow 45 to 60 minutes to complete each exam. Ideally each exam should be taken in one sitting. However, your answers are saved if you need to come back and finish at a later time.

pass the tests

Clickable, embeddable, and shareable badges.

Once you’ve passed each course and have been certified in a new skill, it’s time to tell the world (especially potential clients or employers) that you know your stuff and you can prove it.

Our badges leverage the Open Badge Project and Credly so your accomplishments can be displayed in all the places that matter, including your website, email signature, job placement sites, community portals, WordPress blogs, Twitter status updates and your LinkedIn profile.

Best of all, when a potential client or employer (or existing client or employer) clicks on your badges, they’ll be taken to the DigitalMarketer site to verify that you are certified.

Your new monthly training subscription

All plans are charged monthly


For business owners that want to gain a better grasp of marketing

 £65/mo +VAT

  • Monthly office hour sessions
  • Monthly Live Q&A sessions
  • Members-only community
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    ​All our templates & downloads
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    Up-to-date training, tips & advice
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    Special ‘LM Deals’
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    ​Valuable ​how-to's and blogs


For businesses that want better results from their marketing teams

£145/mo +VAT

  • All from Business.....PLUS
  • 11 core marketing certifications
  • All our marketing ​playbooks
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    Badges and certifications
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    Progress Tracking


For businesses that want to grow and need extra pair of hands


  • All from Business+.....PLUS
  • One-to-one consultancy
  • ‘Done-for-you’ campaigns
  • Tailored website reporting

Who is this for?

Founders and CEOs of property businesses

Running a business is hard enough; running your entire marketing operation is a skill on its own. We will train you and any staff members you employ, so you don’t have to.

Freelance marketers in the property sector
Working for yourself requires a lot of discipline. We can help you stay up-to-date with the latest techniques for marketing in property, so at least your training is easily covered. 

Marketing Managers, Coordinators and Executives in Property
Grow in your career, improve your knowledge and deliver better results for your employer.

With better performance comes better recognition.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between Business and Business+ membership?

Can I buy access to the certifications only?

Is the Business+ account only worth purchasing if I have at least one marketing staff member in-house?

How many of our staff members can complete the certifications at any given time under the Pro account?

How often do you release new content?

What skills do I need to have to get the most out of this membership and how much time should I allocate?

What if I want to cancel? Am I locked into a contract?

​30 day ​Money Back Guarantee

To prove our confidence in the products we provide and their value to you, we are offering a 30-day,

money-back guarantee with our Business and Business+ plans.
All you need do, is send us an email within 30 days from the purchase date and we will refund you the full amount. 

You don’t have to tell us why you want a refund, but we’ll be grateful if you would let us know, as it will help us to understand your needs and expectations and those of future customers.

We always strive to create a company based on client satisfaction and long-term relationships. The money-back guarantee is only a small part of the measures we take to ensure our clients receive excellent service from an honest company in a risk-free environment.